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A Message from Lead Pastor Diego Fuller:

I wish to extend my personal gratitude to each of you for being an integral part of the Journey Fort Worth Church community. As we come together to celebrate the incredible work God has accomplished in just a few short months since the inception of our church, I wholeheartedly invite you to join us on an extraordinary journey through the remarkable revelations God has granted us during this time. I am thrilled that all of you are sharing in this journey with us.


We hold the conviction that a city saved is a city served. At Journey Fort Worth Church, our passion is to foster a culture where everyone experiences the spirit of service. Recent research has revealed a sobering statistic: over 40 million Christians have distanced themselves from the church and their faith in the last 20 years. We aspire to be the church that rises to the occasion, serving God's people effectively and guiding them in discovering their life's purpose.

We recognize that we are all God's children, marked by our imperfections and the stains of sin. However, our faith in the transformative power of the Gospel fuels our belief in redemption. We aim to extend a beacon of hope, facilitating a journey where individuals commit to Jesus and find their place within the Journey Fort Worth Church family, forging meaningful connections and lasting bonds.

  • Launch Sunday - April 2, 2023. 215 people in attendance. 

  • Weekly – JFW averages 200 attendees weekly since our launch date.

  • Average of 12 families join and attend New membership class.


Pastor Diego's personal journey led him through foster care and an orphanage, an experience that has deeply shaped his beliefs. He firmly holds the view that every Christian should advocate for those without a voice and become a source of guidance and support for those without fathers. True followers of Jesus, he believes, are called to bridge the gap created by others' irresponsibility.

At Journey Fort Worth, one of our core pillars is dedicated to caring for orphans. We are committed to defending the vulnerable by inspiring and empowering every member of our community to actively engage in transforming the lives of orphaned children. Our passion lies in witnessing a world with fewer orphans and more loving families.

Before embarking on this church planting journey, it's worth reflecting on the remarkable achievements Diego and his family have accomplished in this noble endeavor.

  • Raised $20,000 for Christmas presents for foster kids who wouldn't otherwise have a Christmas.

  • Over 65,000 foster teens and children reached and inspired with hope

  • inspired churches to address orphan care and foster collaboration between the State and the Church.

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Our mission is centered on nurturing the spiritual growth of children and students, recognizing that the church is where they discover authentic hope. Our core objective is for students to develop a personal relationship with Christ and actively share His message. We are dedicated to cultivating meaningful relationships and promoting healthy habits in the lives of our students, with the ultimate aim of fostering their complete devotion to Jesus.

We firmly believe that the children and students of Journey Fort Worth (JFW) possess the potential to become future leaders who will radiate hope and enact real change in our world.

  • Roughly 14,000 students reached through our School Assemblies 

  • 400 attended student ministry engagement 

  • Many Committed their lives to Christ

The Effect:

Journey Fort Worth intends to bring on additional staff members to assist in the growth of our church and the expansion of our outreach to our community. Additionally, we aim to provide Pastor Diego with a salary to enable him to focus wholeheartedly on shepherding the congregation.


Additional church accessories 


At Journey Fort Worth we are dedicated to addressing the pressing Orphan Care crisis in the coming years. We eagerly invite individuals to join us on this noble journey, one that reflects the essence of our faith and our unwavering commitment to our community. To better serve and reach out to those in need, our intent is to expand our social media

and web presence, ensuring that critical resources are readily accessible to all who seek them. Through meaningful partnerships with organizations such as The Dave Thomson Foundation, Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO), The Keep, and Harvest Life Family, we aspire to make a significant difference through our orphan care ministry. We firmly believe that by coming together, we will transform the lives of orphaned children and provide them with the love, care, and support they deserve, thus strengthening our community.


At Journey Fort Worth, we carry a deep-seated commitment to nurturing and supporting single parents through this dedicated ministry. We wholeheartedly understand the unique challenges these courageous parents face, 90% of which are women. Our mission is to provide them with the unwavering spiritual support, love, and guidance they need to thrive on their faith journey. Together, as a community united in faith and compassion, we have the power to create meaningful, positive change in the lives of individuals and families throughout our community.

Journey Fort Worth extends our heartfelt gratitude to each one of you for being an integral part of this inspiring journey with us. Together, we are making a profound impact on the lives of those we serve, embodying the spirit of compassion and love that defines Journey Fort Worth.

Staff our team

Journey Fort Worth is a mobile church witnessing rapid expansion! We have a need to acquire land for our first campus, or to find an existing location and initiate its renovation. The establishment of new churches in our city is a significant avenue for connecting with new individuals. Our mission is to extend a warm and inviting haven to the substantial amount of families in our community who are without a church home, offering them a place they can truly embrace as their spiritual sanctuary.

Secure our building.

​ Journey Fort Worth is committed to authentic worship. We desire to enhance our sound system and audio equipment, as well as our visual appeal to help create a memorable first impression on newcomers. The equipment would also assist in school assemblies, and with outreach participation in certain community events.



In our growing church, our devoted Student Pastors and young leaders are nurturing a vibrant ministry track which is designed to cultivate and empower the next generation of leaders within the Journey Fort Worth congregation to reach into our community. Our students are taking the helm to spearhead impactful initiatives such as community involvement, summer camps, and more, all in the spirit of shepherding and nurturing young souls.


At our fledgling church community, we are thrilled to extend a warm invitation to young adults aged 18-28. We aspire to create sanctified spaces for them to deepen their faith, hone their leadership skills, and establish profound connections within our church family. Together, we endeavor to be beacons of hope and disciples of Christ among our peers.




As we embark on this sacred journey, our commitment is to continue to enhance our marriage and family ministry. Our heartfelt dedication extends particularly to newlyweds and blended families, where we are investing in intensive support mechanisms to fortify the sacred bonds of matrimony. We champion parents, empowering them through robust training and unwavering support as they cultivate the spiritual growth of their

children. In this sacred endeavor, we seek to bring blessing and transformation in the lives of our church, in our community, and beyond.


We invite you to join us on the weekend of October 29, 2023, as we come together to celebrate the act of giving and embark on our first Pledge Journey. This special occasion is filled with expectation & amp; excitement as we unite to witness the remarkable work that God is preparing to accomplish within our church and our community.

During this commemorative weekend, we'll share early commitment totals, providing you with the opportunity to make your two-year pledge commitment and/or a one-time gift for Pledge Journey It's a moment of celebration, eager anticipation, and a first-time commitment to the vision and mission of Journey Fort Worth. We look forward to sharing this meaningful experience with you as

we journey forward together in faith.

  • Prayerfully consider giving generously to "PLEDGE JOURNEY" for the next two years.  In order to reach our $500k goal, we need every person in our church to be involved.

  • To make a Commitment/Pledge, click the Pledge button below.

  • To make a one-time or recurring gift, click the Give button below.

  • Download the JFW APP and give there

  • Text your amount to - "84321" 

  • Go to


To achieve our goal and ensure the comprehensive funding of our initiative, it is of great significance that each member of our church community participates. While each gift may vary in size, the unique contribution of every individual is invaluable and deeply appreciated. Your involvement, regardless of the amount, is a testament to your compassion and commitment to our shared mission.​

Are you interested in supporting Journey Fort Worth Church in achieving our fundraising goal for the "Pledge Journey"? Do you have a fantastic business or fundraising idea to share with us? We'd love to hear from you! Please take a moment to complete the form and provide us with your valuable insight.

Bless your church

Journey Together

Help us make a difference

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